My roots go back to Norway on both sides of my parents. I’m related to Knute Rockne, the famous Notre Dame football coach, from Voss, Norway. So, naturally, I’m a fan of the movie The Heroes of Telemark. It’s a classic action film starring Kirk Douglas and is widely regarded as an example of classic men’s fashion.

So when I learned that Schofield had developed a watch called the Telemark, I was naturally very interested.

And I’ll give you a spoiler: the sequel more than lives up to the original.


But first, a little background. Schofield Watch Company is a brand known for its luxury watches based in Sussex and England. British watchmakers are few and far between but at the forefront of this growing industry stands Giles Ellis with his own particular view on luxury. Whether it be the clean white dialled watch, the Telemark, or its rather craggier brother, the Daymark.


The Telemark stands alone as a bold addition to the Markers collection. It is Schofield’s first white dialled watch, Schofield’s first fully numerated dial and even Schofield’s first design to be inspired by a coastline outside of the British Isles.

Schofield’s founder, Giles Ellis describes it best in his own words; “The Telemark is a little off-piste, a watch initially inspired by a film, ‘The Heroes of Telemark’ is often cited as being the best dressed men’s film of all time and this fact set the Telemark’s course as being both sartorial and elegant but also functional – as if lives depend on it. Clarity in all light conditions, rugged architecture and a refined finish. Overall I’m proud to say that this watch has exceeded my own expectations and it’s among the finest pieces I’ve designed to date.”


The Telemark case is precision machined, vapour-blast stainless steel with a unibody construction thereby using the best of German engineering to realize a very English watchmaker’s design.

The iconic Schofield case shape is bold and austere but there is detail here too, like the small notch under the crown for your nail and the crystal set below the lip of the bezel. The double O-ring crown is engraved with a lighthouse symbol and the extravagant laser-engraved image of Jomfruland lighthouse dominates the case-back.


At 24mm between the lugs this watch will take any straps manufactured by Schofield, meaning that the overall aesthetic can be personalized by the individual wearer with ease.


The dial is asymmetrical with the date marker at 4:30 surrounded by the Unicode symbol for a lighthouse or a naval contact mine depending on the point of view. The hour markers in the chapter ring are black anodized appliqués filled with Super- LumiNova C5 adding subtle color to an overall monochromatic design. The word ‘Schofield’ replaces the nine minute marks on the chapter ring, ‘Telemark’ appears at 9 o’clock on the dial but probably more striking than both of these is the fully numerated dial.

The Telemark’s hands are oversized making them perfect for visibility in all conditions. The tips of which are filled with Super-LumiNova C3 giving them a subtly different tone to the appliqués.


The second hand tapers at either end and the counterpoise is filled with lume which provides a visual contrast to the other end which is pink.


Everything about this watch embodies the highest levels of expertise in watchmaking and component manufacture from England to Germany and Switzerland.



Powered by a Swiss movement, ETA 2824, the watch is a 3-hander, hours, minutes and seconds and date function. The case has a 44mm diameter with a solid engraved case back. The price shown is with UK VAT, if you are outside of Europe then VAT will be deducted at the checkout.

  • Fully numerated submarine dial
  • The word ‘Schofield’ replaces 9 minute marks on the chapter ring
  • The hour markers in the chapter ring are black anodized appliqués filled with Super-LumiNova C5
  • Date disk reprinted for horizontal readability at 4:30
  • All the parts of the hands and the windows line up when overlapping
  • The second hand tapers towards the tip and the counterpoise
  • The second hand counterpoise is filled with lume
  • The case has a nail rebate for pulling out the crown
  • The crown also has a groove for your nails to grip to pull out
  • The case has a slight radius on the outer edge of the bezel
  • The box is Osmo ash, the queen of English timbers


To learn more and take a look at their bold, innovative designs, head over to:




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