What’s new is old and what’s old is new. What goes around comes around. If something you like goes out of style don’t worry, give it a few years and it will be back in style.

Get the idea?

The Sixties line from Glashütte  is a bold and dashing throwback to a time when creativity, innovation and experimentation were exploding into a wild and wicked energy. As Bob Dylan said, he not busy being born is busy dying.

The Glashütte Original Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date in multifaceted orange are beautiful in a most groovy kind of way, as they might have said back in the Sixties. One could picture a group of “mods” lounging around the floor on shag carpeting, listening to this new thing called rock ‘n roll while wearing striped pants and  go-go boots.

The Glashütte Sixties series feature impeccable created dégradé dials, as radiant as the eventful decade that gives them their name.

The watchmakers at Glashütte Original created an unmistakable style from the signature curvature of the watch face to the dial and the hands to the anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

Arabic  numerals, diamond-cut  indexes, manually applied hour markers and hands highlighted with Super-LumiNova add perfectly aligned accents.

But the dial here is the real star of the Sixties. Starting  from a golden  yellow at the center, the color flows across the curved surface, changing to fiery orange and red before reaching the black perimeter. The result is luminous vivacity, warmth and energy. 

Credit  for this  impressive ensemble of  different hues also known  as the degrade effect goes to the experts at Glashütte’s own dial manufactory in Pforzheim.

After a galvanic bath gives the dial its golden yellow hue the dialmakers carefully apply a series of layers in red and black lacquer. The result of this filigreed craftsmanship is an individual color gradient that renders each dial unique. In a final step, the dials are heated in a kiln in order to burn in the colors. Hey, it’s better to burn than fade away, right?

Additionally, much of the texture of the dial is produced using tools and methods from the 1960s. 

Available for a limited time only, these dazzling watches are sure to inspire a whole new generation. And really, isn’t that the perfect homage to the 60s?

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