It was said that when Charles Bukowski sat down to write, he would grab a bottle of wine and set it on his desk. He would look at it, and think to himself, ‘yes, there’s probably a poem or two in there.’ And then of course, he would drink the wine and the poems would appear.

I’ve always thought that a carpenter does the same thing. In his workshop, he sees pieces of wood, maybe exotic, maybe not. His tools. His workbench. And of course, his imagination. Much like Bukowski’s vision, he sees the pieces he’s going to build.


Neil Carpenter has that same vibe.

A student of both industrial and furniture design, he creates functional objects of beauty. It came as no surprise to me that some of his early horological loves were brands such as Elgin, Illinois and Waltham.


One can see it in his powerful yet intricate designs. I, for one, was immediately drawn to the robust, masculine nature of the watches, the natural materials, and the obvious quality. In my mind, Carpenter watches are some of the finest yet affordable watches being sold today.

If you haven’t yet checked out Carpenter Watches, it’s time you did:


In addition to what’s on the site, Neil gave me a few tidbits of what’s to come:

-Carpenter watches will soon be offering the following products in order:

-The original M1 & M2 with very subtle changes simply due to an influx of demand (next week).

-The Carpenter Field Watch in the M1 & M2 style with an ETA 2824-2, custom rotor and screw-down crown that’s 3 mm thinner. Again due to popular demand (2 months out).

-The original Carpenter Field with 3 earth-tone dials (3 Months out)

-A new 36MM Carpenter Model called the “Brooklyn Gent” at 36MM with a vintage style acrylic crystal, screw down crown and a Miyota 9015 movement. Think Vintage Date-Just. This will be offered in Solid Brass, Solid Bronze and SS. Available with a bracelet (4 months out).

-All of these guesstimated dates are subject to change based on QC.

Stay tuned for the WatchYouSay interview with Neil Carpenter, coming soon.



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