In an age of interactivity, where everything is designed to make an individual a part of the process, BOOM watches arrived at the perfect time. What is it about the interactive process that makes it a worthy goal? It’s called vested interest and it’s the product of collaboration. In other words, when you buy a watch and wear it, you’re the consumer, nothing more. However, when you actually play a role in the designing, mixing and matching, using your creativity, even though it’s in a well-structured process, the consumer is now co-creator.

The consumer now has personal equity in the watch, which is a beautiful thing. With equity comes loyalty, passion, and inherent marketing. As in, “Check out this watch I helped put together.”

Niklas Dahlgren, the CEO of Boom Watches, agrees. “Consumer trends are still steering towards customized and personalized design. People strive to create their own, unique style, not least when it comes to accessorizing the outfit with a matching watch.”

A Boom watch allows the wearer to go from everyday wear to a sporty look, to more formal gatherings easily and seamlessly.

Not only is the strap interchangeable but so is the outer case, bezel and the inner case which contains the movement.

My BOOM watch kit arrived in a handsome leather bound case and I was immediately struck with the quality of the watch. Everything is well-engineered, solid, and comfortable.

It was easy to put the different combinations together, no tools required. The design is clean, elegant and sporty. It was great to fun to try the different combinations and enjoy the feel of well-crafted design.

BOOM watches come with a standard 2 year international repair warranty.  Register your watch online for an extended and unique 3 year warranty, unmatched by anyone in the industry, and BOOM guarantees an instant in-store replacement of any faulty or defective BOOM watch.

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