As a Florida resident, boater, fisherman and ocean kayaker, I’ve become a student of the tides. One has to be in Florida, especially if you live near Estero Bay, as I do. Misjudging the tide can have disastrous effects not just on the quality of a fishing day, but even more importantly, making it back home.

Which brings me to the new Bausele Ocean Moon watch. Bausele was founded in 2011 by Christophe Hoppe, a watch industry veteran. They call themselves the only premium Australian watch brand for men and women. They have also referred to themselves as The #1 Australian Designer Watches for Men & Women.

Bausele stands for Beyond Australian Elements. This is because each watch has a little bit of Australia built into it – whether it’s sand, coral, or a mineral. 

In my case, I received the Bausele Ocean Moon The Reef with a brown leather strap.

Right off the bat, was struck by the size of the watch. My main daily wear is a 43mm, nearly 16mm thick watch, so I’m used to a larger watch. But the Bausele Ocean Moon definitely has a presence.

I found the dial very easy to read strap feels great on the wrist. The Low Tide and High Tide lettering on the inside of the dial can be seen if you look very closely. The moon indicator, which shows the side of the moon visible in the Southern Hemisphere, is an interesting feature. Obviously, as an Australian brand, this makes perfect sense. As does the beach sand placed into the winder. It does give the impression, though, that one must either have a passion for all things Australian, or just enjoy pointing out all of the Australian features, to truly savor the personality of the watch. The staff was split on the idea of sand in the winder. Some felt it was a bit “touristy” reminding them of picking out a pebble on a trip to a national park. Others felt it was a great touch, and really created a connection with the brand’s home country.

Getting beyond the cosmetic, we move to the Swiss Quartz movement. As far as reliability, it definitely works for Australia’s Army Intelligence Corp, for which Bausele is the official supplier of watches.

Instead of sapphire crystal, we have nano-crystal, which Bausele claims is the first of its kind and significantly stronger than sapphire. This is a really smart approach as everything about this watch screams ruggedness and durability. It’s Australian, after all.

Check out some of the specifics of the Bausele OceanMoon The Reef:

  • 45mm stainless steel case, 14mm thick
  • black dial 
  • Crown/Winder filled with genuine beach sand
  • Super Luminova hands and numerals
  • Scratch-resistant, Nano-ceramic glass face
  • Tide and Moon phase indicators
  • Water resistance: 200m/20 ATM

The Bausele OceanMoon The Reef currently retails for $700.

To learn more, visit:

Instagram: @bausele

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