Where the Midnight Sun Shines

You’ve probably heard of Von Doren by now. Not just because of this blog, which has happily posted about the innovative and stylish Norwegian watch company.

No, Von Doren is a watch brand to…well…watch.

The company’s latest salvo of style was the Grandmaster Mark II, which we here at WatchYouSay.com have previously reviewed. And it was a rave.

But we knew we weren’t done with Von Doren. Because we were incredibly fortunate to get our hands on an Aksla Midnight Sun.

There’s just something about a Von Doren watch. Not only do the brand’s timepieces have a nod to the vintage aesthetic, there’s a bit of swagger involved, too.

Our watch has a yellow face, framed by a 42mm diameter case that’s a shade over 10mm thick. It’s a dress watch that can be fashioned up or down, depending on your look.

The crystal is double domed sapphire and it fits spectacularly well, turning down at the edges and proffering that perfect distortion – like the bend of a guitar note that perfectly expresses the emotion of a song.

Speaking of the blues, the Von Doren Aksla Midnight Sun features beautiful lumed, blue hands that are striking yet seem somehow a subtle refinement. As in, if you really want someone to hear you, whisper.

Combined with the simple logo, the Von Doren name, and the mention of Swiss Movement, it’s an incredibly sophisticated look.  Speaking of the movement, it’s a Swiss Ronda quartz, a steadfast power source known for excellent timekeeping, durability, and lasting quality.

A perfect accent to the understated elegance of the watch is the leather band and brushed steel buckle. The Von Doren Aksla Midnight Sun is rated 5 ATM/50 meters for water resistance.

If there’s a better, more elegant dress watch on the market at this price point, this website has yet to learn of it. For avant garde European styling, Norwegian touches and a must-have for any gentlemen’s watch collection, the choice is Von Doren.


Watch case: Stainless steel 316L. 6 mm + Screwback case 2 mm (8mm total)

Glass: Domed sapphire crystal, anti-scratch surface and AR coating inside

Water resistant: 5 ATM, 50 meters

Strap size: 20 mm

Watch diameter: 42 mm

Movement: Swiss made, Ronda Powertech 5 series

Straps: Italian handcrafted leather

Luminous hour and minute hand (glows in the dark)

To learn more, visit www.vondoren.com

Von Doren says…checkmate.

One of the beautiful things about the game of chess is that when a player reaches a certain level of sophistication, the moves, the pieces and the strategy have a transcendent quality. Meaning, that the game itself can be applied to life itself. A true chess player begins to take the angles, the maneuvers and the tactics of the game, and lays them against the backdrop of the world around them.

It’s what makes the game so timeless.

Oyvind Von Doren enjoys his chess, and his timepieces are the better for it.

Newly released is the Grandmaster Mark II.

This was not a watch that was thrown together without thought and contemplation. Every detail, from the domed sapphire crystal, to the stunningly simple yet beautiful dial, to the logo itself, all show the work of a craftsman at the height of his game.

The logo, for instance. It isn’t just a design scheme sketched out on a cocktail napkin after work one day. It is the Norsemen’s and Viking’s rune JERA, the rune of Success and Continuity. This particular rune is No. 12 and represents the 12 months of the year. It implies fruitfulness, profit or achievement of a goal. It also means the cycle of seasons, implying movement and change. The Vikings believed it to be a good luck charm.

The Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II features a 43mm 316L polished steel case. Inside is a Swiss made (26-jewel) self-winding STP 5-15 movement, whose beauty is visible in an open-style design. The steel blue hands add a pop of color, and draw even more attention to the charismatic appeal of this fine Norwegian watch.

In the world of chess, the “Grandmaster” is the highest title possibly earned. And once it has been achieved, it is the player’s for life.

The Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II has earned itself a place in the discussion of fine mechanical watches, and its lucky owners will enjoy a lifetime of marveling at the strength of its game.

To learn more, visit VonDoren.com/GrandmasterMark2