One of the most fascinating aspects of my trip to New York for the Breitling Road Show was the presentation by Fred Mandelbaum on the history of Breitling watches.

Fred Mandelbaum

As CEO Georges Kern discussed, even he wasn’t aware of some of the incredible firsts in Breitling’s history.

For instance, in 1915 Breitling developed the first independent chronograph pushpiece.

In 1923, Breitling perfected the system by separating the stop/start functions from that of resettling. This innovative breakthrough meant it was possible to add several successive times without returning the hands to zero. As a feature, it proved invaluable for timing sporting competitions and calculating flight times.

In 1934 Breitling created the second independent reset pushpiece, something that was soon copied by nearly every watchmaker on the planet.

In 1969, Breitling presented the first self-winding chronograph movement.

Breitling has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the new Navitimer 8 has that heritage of creativity on full display.

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