The words “classic,” “iconic,” and “throwback” have never been used more than they are today. While today’s luxury watch market is a maelstrom of wildly inventive and creative designs, there are more than a few nods to the past. Specifically, the 1950s haven’t been this hot since JFK first enamored the public eye.

Superocean Héritage II 46

The Breitling Superocean first appeared in 1957 and now, it has been evolved into an even more stunning timepiece than the original. To celebrate the Superocean’s 60th anniversary in 2017, Breitling reinvigorated the its iconic design while maintaining its unique character.


The main development took the form of a new steel bezel with an ultra-hard high-tech ceramic ring that is scratchproof and extremely shock-resistant.

Superocean Héritage II Chronographe 46

The unusual shape of the hands, along with the slightly cone-shaped hour-markers, reinforces ties with the 1957 model.


The Superocean Heritage II is interpreted in two watch sizes (42 and 46 mm) and as a 46mm chronograph, all available in three colors: black, blue and bronze. The latter versions are available with an exclusive brand-new rubber-leather strap in the same color and enhanced by contrasting stitching. In addition to the leather, crocodile or rubber straps, all of the models maybe fitted with a steel mesh bracelet echoing the legendary 1957 version.

Superocean Héritage 1957 – 2017

In terms of performance, the Superocean Heritage II has all the technical qualities that have made it the perfect companion for the finest adventures on land, at sea and in the air.


It’s the new spirit of discovery.

Superocean Héritage II 42

It’s not 1957 all over again. It’s 1957…better than ever.


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