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Enter to Win A Maurice Lacroix Aikon Venturer!

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This beautifully robust watch is designed for the intense, fast-paced life of the big city. Its modern characteristics are a perfect match for the those who breathe life into the spirit of the day.

Fully equipped for the challenges of everyday life, the AIKON Venturer is intended for today’s adventurers. 

Powerful, legible and comfortable, its sleek design marks it out as an unmistakable AIKON. Measuring 43 mm and water-resistant to 300 metres, this steel piece is a very sporty, elegant watch designed for everyday wear, for all occasions. 

Indeed, its unidirectional rotating bezel incorporates a countdown function that can measure any time, all the time, in any situation.

Case : Stainless Steel 

Strap : Blue rubber 

Water resistance to 300m


Easy Strap Exchange

Buckle: Folding clasp in stainless steel

Movement: Automatic ML 115

Functions: Hours, minutes and seconds /Date at 3 o’clock

Number of jewels: 26

Power Reserve: 38 hours

Vibrations: 28’800 vph/4HZ

MSRP: $1,890.00

Visit timecode.mauricelacroix.com

TAG Heuer Sweet 16

Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Automatic Chronograph with Calibre 16 from Ahee Jewelers

Calibre 16

The heart and soul of some of TAG Heuer’s most iconic timepieces.

Today, on July 16th, begins a celebration of TAG Heuer’s Calibre 16 movement.

Jack Heuer created the Carrera watch in 1963 in tribute to the famous Carrera Panamericana auto race.

The first chronograph specifically designed for professional drivers, the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 is perfect for speeding down the open road or cruising through daily life thanks to a more simple, more elegant, more readable design.

The specs:

  • 43 mm
  • Water resistance 100 M
  • Body Case: Polished steel
  • Bezel: Fixed Polished steel and ceramic Tachymeter scale
  • Crystal: Sapphire with antireflective treatment on both sides
  • Case back: Sapphire
  • Calibre 16 Day-Date Swiss Made
  • Power reserve: 42
  • Winding system: Automatic
  • Balance frequency: 28800 vibrations per hour

About Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers

Founded 70 years ago by Edmund Ahee, the third generation Grosse Pointe firm is legendary for its belief in treating customers right. Ahee is know for going the extra mile not just for its customers, but also for the community.

To learn more about Tag Heuer watches, visit Ahee.com.

Or connect on social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aheejewelers/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AheeJewelers/


DuFa’s single-hand watch is a singular sensation.

Classic German design, in the Bauhaus sense, is unmistakable, inimitable and shouts quality precision.

The DuFa Aalto Automatic Regulator is a quintessential example of this classic and elegant “look.”

Hours, minutes and seconds are shown in three different cycles of time. The center hand reflects the minutes while the hand that is left of center displays the hour of the day. The full 24 hours of the day are easily understood with a quick glance at the watch.

Single-hand watches are a widely underserved market but it’s my belief with more watches like the DuFa Aalto Automatic Regulator, that will change soon.

Some of the features of the DuFa Aalto Automatic Regulator include:

MODEL : DF-9017-01
MOVEMENT : Japan Automatic 3 Hands 
CASE MATERIAL : Stainless Steel
CASE COLOR : Stainless Steel
BAND : Genuine Leather Strap
BUCKLE : Strap Buckle
BAND WIDTH (mm) : 20-18
WARRANTY : 2 Years International


DuFa demonstrates the best traditions of the iconic Bauhaus design school. Steeped in an understated, neo-classical aesthetic, each piece embodies the movement’s philosophy. For almost a century, DuFa horological instruments have been synonymous with German precision engineering. From its historic origin at the famed Etzold & Popitz watch and clock factory to its current incarnation as a contemporary watch brand, DuFa timepieces have been produced in the midst of Germany’s rich architectural and cultural landscape.

To learn more, visit: https://www.deutsche-uhrenfabrik.de

DuFa Aalto Automatic Power Reserve 9024

DEUTSCHE UHRENFABRIK (DUFA) began its life in 1920 in Leipzig, Germany at the famed Etzold & Popitz watch clock factory.

DuFa took their design cues from the understated and neo-classical heritage of the Bauhaus movement.

Precision manufacturing represents the very best of German style and craftsmanship.

The DuFa Aalto Automatic Power Reserve 9024 is strikingly modern and elegantly bold. Measuring 42mm in diameter the gentle sloping lines of the case and slightly curved sapphire coated mineral lens create an effortlessly wearable timepiece that hugs the wrist with ease.

With a sparse clean dial that lips and curves over the edge in tandem with the sweeping curved minute and second hand, every detail has been carefully considered and meticulously crafted.

Each element however true to the Bauhaus is its own piece of complete craftsmanship.The muted dial displays, day, date and month across the dial face with a segmented panel readout of power reserve in a contrast colour at the 12 oclock position under the DuFa logo.

The watch sits comfortably on the wrist and is the combination of beauty, elegance and modesty. It manages to make a dramatic statement without shouting, but rather, by simply having presence.

This is the very definition of a charismatic watch.


MOVEMENT: Japan Automatic Power Reserve with Day Date Month 
CASE: Stainless Steel 
CASE COLOUR: Stainless Steel 
BAND: Genuine Leather Strap 
BUCKLE: Strap Buckle 
BAND WIDTH (mm): 20-18 
WARRANTY: 2 Years International

PRICE: Starts at USD 650 / EURO 649
Made in Germany

To learn more, visit https://www.deutsche-uhrenfabrik.de

Vartkess Knadjian Interview

Nothing is hotter in the watch industry these days than history. More and more brands are reaching back into their past to revive pieces that best embody their heritage. Those newer incarnations are even forced to invent a compelling backstory upon which they can build a story platform.

When it comes to history and heritage, however, few can compare with Backes & Strauss. 

Tracing its origins back to 1789, Backes & Strauss became the “go-to” diamond and rare gem resource in the 1800s and on. The company’s archives show a clientele beyond compare. Cartier, Tiffany and many others chose Backes & Strauss for for the priceless ingredients with which they would create their legendary pieces. 

In 1986 Vartkess Knadjian took over as CEO and under his guidance the company continued to set itself apart as a leader in the diamond industry displaying its uncanny ability to innovate and thrive. In 2006, Backes & Strauss entered the luxury watch market by partnering with the renowned Frank Muller Group and is now creating some of the highest-quality, most breathtakingly beautiful watches in the world.

WatchYouSay.com was able to sit down with Mr. Knadjian and discuss a wide range of topics covering not just Backes & Strauss, but the watch industry as a whole.


Mr. Vartkess Knadjian wearing a classic Regent 4452 with two rows
of Ideal Cut diamonds and a black dial.

WYS: First, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Born in Ethiopia, I am the son of an Armenian watchmaker who was trained at the Ecole d’Horlogerie in Geneva. My Father, who was also the official watchmaker of Emperor Haile Selassie, would sometimes let me accompany him on his offiical visits to the palace in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Abeba. All of this instilled a limitless love for horlogerie in me. 

When the Backes & Strauss and Franck Muller partnership was laid out on the table, I didn’t have to think twice. I cannot be happier today to be able to combine my two passions in life; diamonds and watchmaking.  

WYS: How would you describe Backes & Strauss?

Backes & Strauss represents the meeting of masters – the masters of diamonds and watchmaking – all the while being essentially British. 

WYS: Tell us about some of your favourite Backes & Strauss watches.

It is difficult to have a favourite; each high end piece is a challenge, and sometime it takes so long from an idea to the actual creation that it can be very exhausting. I would say the bigger the challenge, the higher they rank as favourities. The Berkeley Imperial was a nightmare in creation. I wanted to set 96 Lime colour diamonds cut in the shape of the watch case on the dial; it took me 2 years to collect just 48 lime coloured diamonds. I  then decided that I would set lime and white altnernatively on the dial. In this instance the main challenge didn’t lie in  sourcing the lime colour diamonds but in maintaining the saturation of the colour whilst re-cutting the stones to fit the dial. I still remember this vividly; I was handed the watch from the workshop at 11am in the morning, spent a couple of hours admiring it, and then by 14hrs it had already found a new home! 

The Berkeley Imperial

WYS: What sets your watches apart from the high-end watch marketplace?

First and foremost, Backes & Strauss is the ultimate destination for diamond-encrusted timepieces; all Backes & Strauss timepieces house at least 1 diamond. Our diamonds are of the highest quality as well as ethically sourced. 

The second factor that sets us apart is the fact that we listen to our clients; we pride ourselves in our bespoke services. My biggest joy is to meet our clients face-to-face, co-design a timepiece together with them and eventually hand-deliver the final masterpiece to them. 

WYS: Describe the process of your collaboration with Franck Muller.

Over the years, Franck Muller had built up its capabilities of manufacturing high end watches. It was a brand with no history or heritage but with a powerful horological and creative ability;  Franck Muller must go down in history as one of the more creative watchmakers of the contemporary period. Our collaboration with Franck Muller was really the Meeting of the Masters; we combined our respective strengths to create Backes & Strauss timepieces.

WYS: What (or who) inspires you on a daily basis?

All friends of Backes & Strauss, from our talented Global team to our clients, serve as a source of inspiration. My regular travels around the world are also very eye-opening to me. I was recently in Japan together with our Brand Ambassador HRH Prince Michael of Kent- I found the 3 days we were together very inspirational- meetings clients in different parts of Japan.

WYS: What future surprises are in store for fans (like me) of Backes & Strauss?

Founded in 1789 in Hanau, Germany, Backes & Strauss is the oldest diamond company in the world and holds a wealth of heritage; this year we are celebrating our 230thanniversary. That being said, our brand vision today is to combine tradition with modernity, constantly wanting to push the boundaries of diamond-cutting and watchmaking. With this in mind, we are releasing a couple of exciting new collections this year and we cannot wait to present them to you all this year! 

WYS: What trends do you see shaping the watch industry?

At the very high end of luxury we create watches that are timeless. Technology can help with the manufacturing process, but you still need the skilled craftsmen and the creative input of your team. As more and more HNW individuals seek to own a unique and bespoke timepiece, this is the challenge that we most appreciate.

WYS: If you could own one watch from any time through human history, which one would it be and why?

My father’s pocket watch, which he made from scratch, for his final exam at the Ecole d’Horlogerie in Geneva; no other timepiece in this world would ever match up to this particular timepiece due to its sentimental value. 

To learn more about Backes & Strauss, visit:



Glashütte Original Sixties Series

What’s new is old and what’s old is new. What goes around comes around. If something you like goes out of style don’t worry, give it a few years and it will be back in style.

Get the idea?

The Sixties line from Glashütte  is a bold and dashing throwback to a time when creativity, innovation and experimentation were exploding into a wild and wicked energy. As Bob Dylan said, he not busy being born is busy dying.

The Glashütte Original Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date in multifaceted orange are beautiful in a most groovy kind of way, as they might have said back in the Sixties. One could picture a group of “mods” lounging around the floor on shag carpeting, listening to this new thing called rock ‘n roll while wearing striped pants and  go-go boots.

The Glashütte Sixties series feature impeccable created dégradé dials, as radiant as the eventful decade that gives them their name.

The watchmakers at Glashütte Original created an unmistakable style from the signature curvature of the watch face to the dial and the hands to the anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

Arabic  numerals, diamond-cut  indexes, manually applied hour markers and hands highlighted with Super-LumiNova add perfectly aligned accents.

But the dial here is the real star of the Sixties. Starting  from a golden  yellow at the center, the color flows across the curved surface, changing to fiery orange and red before reaching the black perimeter. The result is luminous vivacity, warmth and energy. 

Credit  for this  impressive ensemble of  different hues also known  as the degrade effect goes to the experts at Glashütte’s own dial manufactory in Pforzheim.

After a galvanic bath gives the dial its golden yellow hue the dialmakers carefully apply a series of layers in red and black lacquer. The result of this filigreed craftsmanship is an individual color gradient that renders each dial unique. In a final step, the dials are heated in a kiln in order to burn in the colors. Hey, it’s better to burn than fade away, right?

Additionally, much of the texture of the dial is produced using tools and methods from the 1960s. 

Available for a limited time only, these dazzling watches are sure to inspire a whole new generation. And really, isn’t that the perfect homage to the 60s?

Visit: https://www.glashuette-original.com

Bausele Oceanmoon

As a Florida resident, boater, fisherman and ocean kayaker, I’ve become a student of the tides. One has to be in Florida, especially if you live near Estero Bay, as I do. Misjudging the tide can have disastrous effects not just on the quality of a fishing day, but even more importantly, making it back home.

Which brings me to the new Bausele Ocean Moon watch. Bausele was founded in 2011 by Christophe Hoppe, a watch industry veteran. They call themselves the only premium Australian watch brand for men and women. They have also referred to themselves as The #1 Australian Designer Watches for Men & Women.

Bausele stands for Beyond Australian Elements. This is because each watch has a little bit of Australia built into it – whether it’s sand, coral, or a mineral. 

In my case, I received the Bausele Ocean Moon The Reef with a brown leather strap.

Right off the bat, was struck by the size of the watch. My main daily wear is a 43mm, nearly 16mm thick watch, so I’m used to a larger watch. But the Bausele Ocean Moon definitely has a presence.

I found the dial very easy to read strap feels great on the wrist. The Low Tide and High Tide lettering on the inside of the dial can be seen if you look very closely. The moon indicator, which shows the side of the moon visible in the Southern Hemisphere, is an interesting feature. Obviously, as an Australian brand, this makes perfect sense. As does the beach sand placed into the winder. It does give the impression, though, that one must either have a passion for all things Australian, or just enjoy pointing out all of the Australian features, to truly savor the personality of the watch. The WatchYouSay.com staff was split on the idea of sand in the winder. Some felt it was a bit “touristy” reminding them of picking out a pebble on a trip to a national park. Others felt it was a great touch, and really created a connection with the brand’s home country.

Getting beyond the cosmetic, we move to the Swiss Quartz movement. As far as reliability, it definitely works for Australia’s Army Intelligence Corp, for which Bausele is the official supplier of watches.

Instead of sapphire crystal, we have nano-crystal, which Bausele claims is the first of its kind and significantly stronger than sapphire. This is a really smart approach as everything about this watch screams ruggedness and durability. It’s Australian, after all.

Check out some of the specifics of the Bausele OceanMoon The Reef:

  • 45mm stainless steel case, 14mm thick
  • black dial 
  • Crown/Winder filled with genuine beach sand
  • Super Luminova hands and numerals
  • Scratch-resistant, Nano-ceramic glass face
  • Tide and Moon phase indicators
  • Water resistance: 200m/20 ATM

The Bausele OceanMoon The Reef currently retails for $700.

To learn more, visit:


Instagram: @bausele

Backes & Strauss

Since the dawn of modern time, nothing has captivated the human eye and mind more than the diamond.

And no company has so captivatingly brought the beauty of diamonds to life than Backes & Strauss.

Established in 1789, Backes & Strauss is the world’s oldest and most elegantly glamorous diamond merchant and jeweler. The firm’s watches, in collaboration with Franck Muller, are dazzling pieces that enrapture everyone, including royalty.

Yet we at WatchYouSay.com also believe that while the gorgeous array of diamonds is certainly worthy of the attention they bring, Backes & Strauss timepieces carry a level of refined elegance that is often missed. And who could blame a person for focusing on the brilliance of diamonds and spectacular jewels?

Take the Piccadilly Steel Collection, for instance. Designed for daily wear yet remarkably regal in style, the collection is a highly versatile range of timepieces suitable for any occasion. Each watch is masterfully hand-crafted, set and polished at the firm’s Swiss workshops. Sophisticated, functional and bold, these exquisite timepieces draw on the timeless elegance of Regency London.

Best of all, the Piccadilly Steel 45 is certainly attainable for those with a passion for elegant watches that don’t come with a price tag equal to a jumbo mortgage. 

Check out the two versions of the Steel 45 that have particularly caught our eye:

SIZE: 45mm

CASE: Stainless Steel

DIAL: Blue dial with Arabic hand-polished numerals and Indexes

MOVEMENT: Automatic

BRACELET: Leather strap

CROWN: 1 Ideal Cut diamond, “the jewel in the crown”, 0.12cts


SIZE: 45mm

CASE: Stainless Steel

DIAL: White dial with Roman hand-polished numerals and Indexes

MOVEMENT: Automatic

BRACELET: Leather strap

CROWN: 1 Ideal Cut diamond, “the jewel in the crown”, 0.12cts


To learn more visit:

Instagram: @backesandstrauss


Breguet…in Blue.


In its current collection, the new Breguet Classique 5177 presents the Breguet blue for the first time in a grand feu enamel. This unique color affirms the elegant simplicity of the Breguet style in a contemporary register.

In the eighteenth century, an age marked by baroque exuberance, Abraham-Louis Breguet favored refined aesthetics. This simplicity became par for the course and its style seduced the elite. In 2019, the new Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel is essentially inspired by these neoclassical lines. However, Breguet adds a fresh new touch this time, with the color of the blued hands being transposed onto the dial; presenting an unprecedented deep blue grand feu enamel.


The Breguet blue

The hue of the dial echoes the color obtained during the bluing of the Breguet hands. To guarantee this exact nuance throughout the production process, the development of the pigments called for extensive research. The color needs to remain perfectly stable during firing at over 800 degrees Celsius. This is required to create a grand feu enamel, lending it a unique grain.

Finally, Breguet’s secret signature, also in enamel, appears at 6 o’clock. For all of its timepieces with an enamel dial, the House of Breguet continues to use the calligraphy once drawn by Abraham-Louis Breguet, as featured, for example, on the self-winding Breguet No. 15 watch launched in 1787.


The perfect marriage of refined aesthetics and high technology


Powered by the self-winding 777Q mechanical caliber, the Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel model has simple and useful functions: the central second hand and the date at 3 o’clock. Current technological advances such as the use of silicon for the lever and escape wheel optimize its chronometric reliability. However, certain aesthetic elements of this caliber, in particular the form of the wheels, are reminiscent of Breguet’s creations from the late eighteenth century.

Characteristic of a self-winding movement, the rotor in engine-turned 18-karat gold appears through the sapphire-crystal caseback. Similarly, each of the components – visible or invisible – is delicately finished by the craftsmen of the Breguet Manufacture with techniques such as chamfering, circular graining, and brushing, or with the côtes de Genève.


The 777Q caliber fits into a slim case in white gold with fluted sides. True to the Breguet style, the lugs are welded and rounded toward the midnight blue alligator leather strap. Finally, an individual number is engraved on the back of each watch, marking it unique to its owner. In turn, the owner can have their name recorded in the Breguet registers that have been kept since 1780 – as a contemporary sign of their taste for timeless elegance.



Case round in 18-carat white gold with finely fluted caseband. Sapphire-crystal caseback. Rounded lugs welded to the case, with screw pins securing the strap. 38mm diameter. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters)

Dial in « Grand Feu » blue enamel, with Breguet secret signature. Chapter ring with Breguet Roman numerals. Centre seconds and date aperture at 3 o’clock. Open-tipped Breguet hands in rhodium-plated steel.


Movement mechanical self-winding, adorned with “Côtes de Genève”, Cal. 777Q. Numbered and signed Breguet. 55-hour power reserve. 18-carat oscillating weight in 18k gold, hand-engraved on a rose engine. Stop seconds. 12 lignes. 26 jewels. In-line Swiss lever escapement, escape wheel and lever in silicon. Silicon balance-spring. Breguet balance-wheel with 4 regulating screws. 4Hz frequency. Adjusted in 6 positions.


Strap in dark blue alligator leather with a pin buckle in white gold.


HyperFocal: 0

Visit: Breguet.com

Where the Midnight Sun Shines

You’ve probably heard of Von Doren by now. Not just because of this blog, which has happily posted about the innovative and stylish Norwegian watch company.

No, Von Doren is a watch brand to…well…watch.

The company’s latest salvo of style was the Grandmaster Mark II, which we here at WatchYouSay.com have previously reviewed. And it was a rave.

But we knew we weren’t done with Von Doren. Because we were incredibly fortunate to get our hands on an Aksla Midnight Sun.

There’s just something about a Von Doren watch. Not only do the brand’s timepieces have a nod to the vintage aesthetic, there’s a bit of swagger involved, too.

Our watch has a yellow face, framed by a 42mm diameter case that’s a shade over 10mm thick. It’s a dress watch that can be fashioned up or down, depending on your look.

The crystal is double domed sapphire and it fits spectacularly well, turning down at the edges and proffering that perfect distortion – like the bend of a guitar note that perfectly expresses the emotion of a song.

Speaking of the blues, the Von Doren Aksla Midnight Sun features beautiful lumed, blue hands that are striking yet seem somehow a subtle refinement. As in, if you really want someone to hear you, whisper.

Combined with the simple logo, the Von Doren name, and the mention of Swiss Movement, it’s an incredibly sophisticated look.  Speaking of the movement, it’s a Swiss Ronda quartz, a steadfast power source known for excellent timekeeping, durability, and lasting quality.

A perfect accent to the understated elegance of the watch is the leather band and brushed steel buckle. The Von Doren Aksla Midnight Sun is rated 5 ATM/50 meters for water resistance.

If there’s a better, more elegant dress watch on the market at this price point, this website has yet to learn of it. For avant garde European styling, Norwegian touches and a must-have for any gentlemen’s watch collection, the choice is Von Doren.


Watch case: Stainless steel 316L. 6 mm + Screwback case 2 mm (8mm total)

Glass: Domed sapphire crystal, anti-scratch surface and AR coating inside

Water resistant: 5 ATM, 50 meters

Strap size: 20 mm

Watch diameter: 42 mm

Movement: Swiss made, Ronda Powertech 5 series

Straps: Italian handcrafted leather

Luminous hour and minute hand (glows in the dark)

To learn more, visit www.vondoren.com

The Ball Racer…finishes first.

“Accuracy under adverse conditions” …and a whole lot more.


The Trainmaster Racer


BALL Watch has been keeping accurate time since 1891. 

The railroad is an American icon. And after a horrific train crash in Ohio in 1891, Webb C. Ball stepped up and created “RR” – Railroad Time. Railroad employees had to have their watches standardized in order to ensure accuracy, even under adverse conditions.

Railroads helped settle America and Ball continues that tradition by embodying the founding spirit of the brand. That commitment is never compromised and is upheld in Ball’s original details, such as the watch dial that faithfully follows his design guidelines for the standard railway watch.  Every detail, from the shape of the hands to the style of the numerals, was laid down by the founder in his quest for accuracy in timekeeping.

A classical railroad heritage, the “Trainmaster” timepieces are made in the absolute respect for the values of precision, reliability and tradition of the BALL legacy and feature a sapphire crystal case back.


The Trainmaster Racer is a substantial watch, with a month, day and date complication.

The dial contains plenty of information, but never overwhelms the wearer. The hands are elegant, and at a case thickness of 15mm, feels substantial but not overly so.

Technical specs include:



◆ Automatic caliber BALL RR1405



◆ Chronograph, accumulated measurement up to 30 minutes

◆ 3 hands and Triple date

◆ 15 micro gas tubes


Shock resistance

◆ 5,000Gs


Water resistance

◆ 50m / 160ft



◆ Ø43mm made with stainless steel, height 15mm

◆ Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

◆ Sapphire crystal case back

◆ Screwed-in crown



◆ Stainless steel bracelet or Crocodile leather strap with folding buckle


◆ White or black


For more information, visit www.ballwatch.com



Barracuda Point, from Ocean Crawler.

The Barracuda…is on Point.

Good watches are all about character. As in, the character of the watch is front and center. The embodiment of the brand is on full display and that “cult of personality” is unequivocal. It’s what makes a great watch brand stand out in the marketplace.

Ocean Crawler has that character in great abundance. In fact, Ocean Crawler goes beyond character…to charisma.


These are cool watches. Their personality jumps off the wrist, the page, the screen. They demand to be noticed. And once noticed, they never fail to impress.


Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Ocean Crawler is an American watchmaking company, with an aesthetic to match. Ocean Crawler watches are both sophisticated yet rugged, adventurous and sophisticated. They are clearly contemporary, but have designs that feel nostalgic, as well.

These watches are high-quality and high-end with an emphasis on reliability, durability and accuracy.


Did we mention durability? These stylish timepieces run the gauntlet before finding a lucky owner. As in, harsh environments that include ten shock tests, impacts equivalent to six thousand Gs, hundreds of times more powerful than a car crash.


Not only do Ocean Crawler watches survive, they thrive.


I was lucky enough to experience an Ocean Crawler Barracuda Point firsthand, or should we say, first wrist?


The first thing one notices is the weight. This is not a lightweight in the ring. That durability is reflected in the muscular nature of the watch. It sits on the wrist with presence, yet it’s also comfortable and one quickly becomes accustomed to the weight, and welcomes it.

A Seiko 4R36b movement, a rugged piece of work in and of itself, powers the watch. It’s been modified slightly for added accuracy and shock resistance. It has a power reserve of 44 hours.


The dial is clean, elegant and stylish. In stylish orange script, it reads Barracuda Point. Below that, the 1,000 feet rating, Champion Diver, and below the “6” it says GET OUT THERE.


Personality, right? Gotta have it in a great watch.


The bezel is coin-edged and the minutes hand and seconds hand feature orange borders. The crown features a custom design pattern that adds an even greater cool factor.

We have to talk about the sapphire crystal, though. It is THICK. As in, 4.5 mm. Which, in my mind, is absolutely beautiful. It’s like looking through gorgeous, turn-of-the-century windows, where you can see the craftsmanship in the glass. If you are lucky enough to become the owner of an Ocean Crawler Barracuda Point, you will probably, like me, spend hours contemplating light and reflections in the sapphire crystal.


My Barracuda Point features a handsome leather band with a black metal buckle.


Priced at just over $900, the Ocean Crawler Barracuda is an impeccably designed, handsome and rugged watch. It looks at home in the middle of an adventure on the high season, or on the wrist during a high-pressure corporate meeting.


If you’re looking for a great watch, don’t crawl…run…and get yourself an Ocean Crawler.

The impressive specs:


  • True water resistance to 1000 feet or 300 meters.
  • Powerful shock resistance to 6000 G.
  • Automatic, precise diver watch – no batteries needed. Watch winds itself with the movement of your wrist.
  • Thick domed sapphire crystal glass with 4.50mm thickness. An anti-reflective coating is applied to the domed glass to prevent any reflection under water.
  • Includes 2 straps: a black NATO PVD strap and an extra brown leather band.
  • Guaranteed to keep precise time for at least 5 years.


Technical Specs:

  • Case Diameter (excluding crown): 44.2mm
  • Case Thickness: 15mm, Lug-To-Lug: 51.8mm, Lug Width: 22mm
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bezel: Unidirectional Rotating Bezel with 120 Clicks and Swiss SuperLuminova Marker
  • Movement Accuracy. +/- 5 seconds/day in 3 positions
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters, 1000-feet or 30 ATM



Visit OceanCrawler.com





Legendary Future…and Past.

One of the most fascinating aspects of my trip to New York for the Breitling Road Show was the presentation by Fred Mandelbaum on the history of Breitling watches.

Fred Mandelbaum

As CEO Georges Kern discussed, even he wasn’t aware of some of the incredible firsts in Breitling’s history.

For instance, in 1915 Breitling developed the first independent chronograph pushpiece.

In 1923, Breitling perfected the system by separating the stop/start functions from that of resettling. This innovative breakthrough meant it was possible to add several successive times without returning the hands to zero. As a feature, it proved invaluable for timing sporting competitions and calculating flight times.

In 1934 Breitling created the second independent reset pushpiece, something that was soon copied by nearly every watchmaker on the planet.

In 1969, Breitling presented the first self-winding chronograph movement.

Breitling has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the new Navitimer 8 has that heritage of creativity on full display.

To learn more, visit breitling.com

Von Doren says…checkmate.

One of the beautiful things about the game of chess is that when a player reaches a certain level of sophistication, the moves, the pieces and the strategy have a transcendent quality. Meaning, that the game itself can be applied to life itself. A true chess player begins to take the angles, the maneuvers and the tactics of the game, and lays them against the backdrop of the world around them.

It’s what makes the game so timeless.

Oyvind Von Doren enjoys his chess, and his timepieces are the better for it.

Newly released is the Grandmaster Mark II.

This was not a watch that was thrown together without thought and contemplation. Every detail, from the domed sapphire crystal, to the stunningly simple yet beautiful dial, to the logo itself, all show the work of a craftsman at the height of his game.

The logo, for instance. It isn’t just a design scheme sketched out on a cocktail napkin after work one day. It is the Norsemen’s and Viking’s rune JERA, the rune of Success and Continuity. This particular rune is No. 12 and represents the 12 months of the year. It implies fruitfulness, profit or achievement of a goal. It also means the cycle of seasons, implying movement and change. The Vikings believed it to be a good luck charm.

The Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II features a 43mm 316L polished steel case. Inside is a Swiss made (26-jewel) self-winding STP 5-15 movement, whose beauty is visible in an open-style design. The steel blue hands add a pop of color, and draw even more attention to the charismatic appeal of this fine Norwegian watch.

In the world of chess, the “Grandmaster” is the highest title possibly earned. And once it has been achieved, it is the player’s for life.

The Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II has earned itself a place in the discussion of fine mechanical watches, and its lucky owners will enjoy a lifetime of marveling at the strength of its game.

To learn more, visit VonDoren.com/GrandmasterMark2






A Legendary…Future

Georges Kern, the new CEO of Breitling, is an admirer of the book The Tipping Point. The key point of that book, greatly paraphrased, is that when a few key elements come together at the right time, the force created is unstoppable.

That Tipping Point may well turn out to be Mr. Kerns himself.

Daniel Ames, of WatchYouSay.com, on the left, and Mr. Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, on the right.

As the man behind the stunning success of IWC, Mr. Kerns has set a clear and definite path for Breitling, starting with the past. The hashtag #legendary future is the key. It epitomizes Breitling’s incredibly impressive history, which will be the focus of a future blog post, and also points to the vision of the future.

Everything will be rooted in the brand. “An authentic brand for men and women of style, purpose and action.”


Breitling, in the past, has been about large, heavily accented timepieces. Some might say, a bit over the top. Breitling will stay true to its heritage, and its fan base, but it will also forge a bold path ahead. The lines will be simplified. The quartz watches will disappear, and the sweet spot for most of the brand will be between the $3,000 and $8,000 sweet spot.

First up is the Navitimer 8 watches. The “8” stands for the “Huit” Aviation Department of Breitling.  These watches, too, will be receiving their own post shortly. However, here is a quick glimpse:


In the meantime, a few words about the Road Show. It’s been to Singapore, Zurich and Germany, but touched down this past weekend in New York City. The main event took place in the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn and featured some celebrities along with the true stars of the show, the watches.

Stay tuned for posts about vintage Breitling, a more in-depth look at the new watches, and a few surprises.

In the meantime, be sure to check out www.breitling.com



Bringing the BOOM.

In an age of interactivity, where everything is designed to make an individual a part of the process, BOOM watches arrived at the perfect time. What is it about the interactive process that makes it a worthy goal? It’s called vested interest and it’s the product of collaboration. In other words, when you buy a watch and wear it, you’re the consumer, nothing more. However, when you actually play a role in the designing, mixing and matching, using your creativity, even though it’s in a well-structured process, the consumer is now co-creator.

The consumer now has personal equity in the watch, which is a beautiful thing. With equity comes loyalty, passion, and inherent marketing. As in, “Check out this watch I helped put together.”

Niklas Dahlgren, the CEO of Boom Watches, agrees. “Consumer trends are still steering towards customized and personalized design. People strive to create their own, unique style, not least when it comes to accessorizing the outfit with a matching watch.”

A Boom watch allows the wearer to go from everyday wear to a sporty look, to more formal gatherings easily and seamlessly.

Not only is the strap interchangeable but so is the outer case, bezel and the inner case which contains the movement.

My BOOM watch kit arrived in a handsome leather bound case and I was immediately struck with the quality of the watch. Everything is well-engineered, solid, and comfortable.

It was easy to put the different combinations together, no tools required. The design is clean, elegant and sporty. It was great to fun to try the different combinations and enjoy the feel of well-crafted design.

BOOM watches come with a standard 2 year international repair warranty.  Register your watch online for an extended and unique 3 year warranty, unmatched by anyone in the industry, and BOOM guarantees an instant in-store replacement of any faulty or defective BOOM watch.

To learn more, visit https://www.boomwatches.com/en/

Also, check out some cool BOOM Watch video:


or www.youtube.com/boomwatches


MB&F is an MVP.

When I spoke with the folks over at MB&F, after expressing my appreciation for the incredibly creative talents, they mentioned their average numbers:

250 pieces per year.

Average price: $100,000.

With that price in mind, I picked out my five favorite MB&F watches:

The HM 4.

The HM3 Frog Face.

The MegaWind

The Legacy Split Escapement.

The HM2.

To pick yours out, head over to:



Brooklyn Born

It was said that when Charles Bukowski sat down to write, he would grab a bottle of wine and set it on his desk. He would look at it, and think to himself, ‘yes, there’s probably a poem or two in there.’ And then of course, he would drink the wine and the poems would appear.

I’ve always thought that a carpenter does the same thing. In his workshop, he sees pieces of wood, maybe exotic, maybe not. His tools. His workbench. And of course, his imagination. Much like Bukowski’s vision, he sees the pieces he’s going to build.


Neil Carpenter has that same vibe.

A student of both industrial and furniture design, he creates functional objects of beauty. It came as no surprise to me that some of his early horological loves were brands such as Elgin, Illinois and Waltham.


One can see it in his powerful yet intricate designs. I, for one, was immediately drawn to the robust, masculine nature of the watches, the natural materials, and the obvious quality. In my mind, Carpenter watches are some of the finest yet affordable watches being sold today.

If you haven’t yet checked out Carpenter Watches, it’s time you did:




In addition to what’s on the site, Neil gave me a few tidbits of what’s to come:

-Carpenter watches will soon be offering the following products in order:

-The original M1 & M2 with very subtle changes simply due to an influx of demand (next week).

-The Carpenter Field Watch in the M1 & M2 style with an ETA 2824-2, custom rotor and screw-down crown that’s 3 mm thinner. Again due to popular demand (2 months out).

-The original Carpenter Field with 3 earth-tone dials (3 Months out)

-A new 36MM Carpenter Model called the “Brooklyn Gent” at 36MM with a vintage style acrylic crystal, screw down crown and a Miyota 9015 movement. Think Vintage Date-Just. This will be offered in Solid Brass, Solid Bronze and SS. Available with a bracelet (4 months out).

-All of these guesstimated dates are subject to change based on QC.

Stay tuned for the WatchYouSay interview with Neil Carpenter, coming soon.



Adoring…Von Doren.

In a previous blog post I mentioned my family’s Norwegian roots. The family name ‘Rockne’ came from a group of my ancestors centered around Voss, Norway. So, naturally, I have a fondness for Norwegian art, culture and timepieces.

Von Doren was founded by Oyvind VonDoren Asbjornsen and the watches have a distinctive, high-quality aesthetic with a nod to vintage style.  Soon, the company will be officially launching the Grandmaster Mark II, a unique and elegant watch with a robust yet refined design.

We sat down with Von Doren’s creator to get a better feel for this innovative company and its boldly elegant product line.

Q: How would you describe the Von Doren watch aesthetic?

A: Clean lines, Art Nouveau inspired distinct design with a touch of vintage flair.

Q: What was your inspiration for the Grandmaster Mark II?

 A: The Grandmaster Mark II is inspired by the game of chess. This, in my opinion, handsome timepiece reflects the game of chess itself – it is a resounding victory born of patience and the application of knowledge and skill.


Q: Tell us about the first time you envisioned the Von Doren Watch Company.

 A: It all started at the age of 12, when I inherited my great-grandfather’s Swiss watch. I spent countless hours reading and becoming more and more fascinated about the universe of watches. I soon realised that I wanted to make my own one day. I wanted to create something that lasts. Something that can transcend generations and will be passed on for my children’s children when I’m gone. So that they might experience the same awe and fascination that i did.

In these days, with the digital revolution and all that, where one innovation succeeds the other, constantly creating obsolete products and over consuming – I love the idea of creating a product that consists of quality mechanical parts, something concrete. A product which is unaffected by the technological innovation race, but based on almost 100 year old fine mechanical engineering – product with a soul and heart, an open one, that is.


Q: What is your daily inspiration?

 A: Art, passion and craftsmanship of high standards. For example we have entered a cooperation with what might be Norway’s most renowned strap maker; Atelier Petrov. This Oslo based leather-master; Mr. Petrov has made a limited amount of very high quality luxury straps. Working together with him in his atelier was also very inspiring.

 I can also be inspired by a beautiful game of chess and film and literature.

Q: What surprises are in store for fans of Von Doren?

 A: As we recently launched our limited edition Grandmaster Mark II – this will naturally be in focus for a while. The watch is limited to 200 open heart and 300 regular dials. As we only created these few, I feel I almost have a personal connection to them, and therefore it’s important for me that the right people buy them. By that i mean that a person purchasing a Von Doren timepiece can appreciate the time and effort put down in creating them. That they can value the design aesthetics of it. That this is a watch that will be taken good taken care of, and used – And not locked down in a bank-box somewhere. But as far as surprises goes, we like to keep them as just that – surprises. But i can reveal that we are playing with the idea of a watch that would work very well below sea level….


Q: What is the state of the luxury watch industry in Norway right now?

 A: The way I see it, this a growing market. For a lot of people there has been an increased interest in the horology-field. The challenge earlier years was that people had nowhere to go, or to talk to, but now with social media, It’s much easier for people to connect – I’ll give the digital revolution some credit as such.


Q: Finally, what one quality must every artist possess?

 A: Passion – A profound passion and patience is a must. If you’re in it for anything else, it most likely will fail. If you are driven by the ambition for profit or fame i don’t think you will last long. Passion and, of course skill, and a will to excel is the most important.


To learn more about VonDoren watches, visit vondoren.com


Better than…’57.

The words “classic,” “iconic,” and “throwback” have never been used more than they are today. While today’s luxury watch market is a maelstrom of wildly inventive and creative designs, there are more than a few nods to the past. Specifically, the 1950s haven’t been this hot since JFK first enamored the public eye.

Superocean Héritage II 46

The Breitling Superocean first appeared in 1957 and now, it has been evolved into an even more stunning timepiece than the original. To celebrate the Superocean’s 60th anniversary in 2017, Breitling reinvigorated the its iconic design while maintaining its unique character.


The main development took the form of a new steel bezel with an ultra-hard high-tech ceramic ring that is scratchproof and extremely shock-resistant.

Superocean Héritage II Chronographe 46

The unusual shape of the hands, along with the slightly cone-shaped hour-markers, reinforces ties with the 1957 model.


The Superocean Heritage II is interpreted in two watch sizes (42 and 46 mm) and as a 46mm chronograph, all available in three colors: black, blue and bronze. The latter versions are available with an exclusive brand-new rubber-leather strap in the same color and enhanced by contrasting stitching. In addition to the leather, crocodile or rubber straps, all of the models maybe fitted with a steel mesh bracelet echoing the legendary 1957 version.

Superocean Héritage 1957 – 2017

In terms of performance, the Superocean Heritage II has all the technical qualities that have made it the perfect companion for the finest adventures on land, at sea and in the air.


It’s the new spirit of discovery.

Superocean Héritage II 42

It’s not 1957 all over again. It’s 1957…better than ever.


From Breitling. Instruments for professionals.™


To learn more, visit www.breitling.com

Schofield Part II – Giles Ellis

Having just reviewed the Schofield TeleMark, I was curious to learn more about the watch’s creator, Giles Ellis.


Have you ever been to Miami? If so, what did you think?

I’ve never been to Miami, though I would love to. Interestingly, in a very obscure way the colours of Miami have influenced some recent leatherwear design. I was after a colour palette that was similar to Miami deco and opted for more a slightly more subdued version of this by looking at Japanese matchbooks from the 1920s. Even if you were to take away Miami vice, Miami Ink and David Beckham’s latest news I still think Miami would be a fundamentally cool place to visit. 

How would you describe the American watch ethos?

Not dissimilar to the British in regards to manufacturing, by that I mean that there are so few of us that American made or American designed watch companies are considered niche and specialist. I have always admired the likes of RGM sticking to their guns with modesty. With regards to consumers we are fortunate that 40% of our sales come from the US and Canada, I suspect that British-ness has something to do with it although I’m convinced that it’s more to do with their discerning taste. 

Much has been made about the downturn in Swiss watch sales. What are your thoughts?

Being a super-niche British brand the downturn in Swiss sales barely affects us. We sell globally and direct so if our aesthetic, narrative and technology meets with your approval then it leaves price as the only hurdle. Although we watch closely what the Swiss get up to they rarely influence our decision making with one caveat, the acquisition of swiss made mechanical movements, which we use in all of our watches. 

Tell us about the first time you envisioned Schofield Watch Company.

Schofield Watch Company was never envisaged as a whole but evolved from vanity. Having been ensnared by mechanical wristwatches and upon realisation that I couldn’t afford them I decided to make my own. Being such a particular guy the project of making one watch for myself soon escalated into a situation where I had 99 watches left to sell, ironically I had now spent more than 30 of the watches I had originally coveted. 

What is your daily inspiration?

I’m not sure if you want something trite, like my wife, my children, my dog, the rugged British coastline, the moon, or the female form but actually I am motivated by trying to impress you… and debt. 

What surprises are in store for fans of Schofield?

This might be a good opportunity to point you in the direction of our behind the scenes website https://undercurrents.info as this is the first place that ideas and developments are revealed. What we can say now is that naturally there are more watches and some of these will be variants of existing models and some wholly new models. 

Your TeleMark was inspired by the film The Heroes of TeleMark. Are there any other movies that may inspire new watches?

At first I was going to say “absolutely not” but in fact our forthcoming watch, The Obscurer has been influenced by many science fiction films, perhaps the most obvious would be Tron (the first one). 

What is your favourite type of cuisine?

I’m trying to answer this question with something witty and amusing but I have nothing to give you other than I am a complete nutrition and fitness bore with a contradicting sweet tooth- I like ALL food sans meat and dairy. 

If you could have the singing voice of one person throughout history, who would it be?

Fiona Apple 

Finally, what one quality must every artist possess?



Thank, Giles! To learn more about these fascinating watches, be sure to visit:


Make Your TeleMark

My roots go back to Norway on both sides of my parents. I’m related to Knute Rockne, the famous Notre Dame football coach, from Voss, Norway. So, naturally, I’m a fan of the movie The Heroes of Telemark. It’s a classic action film starring Kirk Douglas and is widely regarded as an example of classic men’s fashion.

So when I learned that Schofield had developed a watch called the Telemark, I was naturally very interested.

And I’ll give you a spoiler: the sequel more than lives up to the original.


But first, a little background. Schofield Watch Company is a brand known for its luxury watches based in Sussex and England. British watchmakers are few and far between but at the forefront of this growing industry stands Giles Ellis with his own particular view on luxury. Whether it be the clean white dialled watch, the Telemark, or its rather craggier brother, the Daymark.


The Telemark stands alone as a bold addition to the Markers collection. It is Schofield’s first white dialled watch, Schofield’s first fully numerated dial and even Schofield’s first design to be inspired by a coastline outside of the British Isles.

Schofield’s founder, Giles Ellis describes it best in his own words; “The Telemark is a little off-piste, a watch initially inspired by a film, ‘The Heroes of Telemark’ is often cited as being the best dressed men’s film of all time and this fact set the Telemark’s course as being both sartorial and elegant but also functional – as if lives depend on it. Clarity in all light conditions, rugged architecture and a refined finish. Overall I’m proud to say that this watch has exceeded my own expectations and it’s among the finest pieces I’ve designed to date.”


The Telemark case is precision machined, vapour-blast stainless steel with a unibody construction thereby using the best of German engineering to realize a very English watchmaker’s design.

The iconic Schofield case shape is bold and austere but there is detail here too, like the small notch under the crown for your nail and the crystal set below the lip of the bezel. The double O-ring crown is engraved with a lighthouse symbol and the extravagant laser-engraved image of Jomfruland lighthouse dominates the case-back.


At 24mm between the lugs this watch will take any straps manufactured by Schofield, meaning that the overall aesthetic can be personalized by the individual wearer with ease.


The dial is asymmetrical with the date marker at 4:30 surrounded by the Unicode symbol for a lighthouse or a naval contact mine depending on the point of view. The hour markers in the chapter ring are black anodized appliqués filled with Super- LumiNova C5 adding subtle color to an overall monochromatic design. The word ‘Schofield’ replaces the nine minute marks on the chapter ring, ‘Telemark’ appears at 9 o’clock on the dial but probably more striking than both of these is the fully numerated dial.

The Telemark’s hands are oversized making them perfect for visibility in all conditions. The tips of which are filled with Super-LumiNova C3 giving them a subtly different tone to the appliqués.


The second hand tapers at either end and the counterpoise is filled with lume which provides a visual contrast to the other end which is pink.


Everything about this watch embodies the highest levels of expertise in watchmaking and component manufacture from England to Germany and Switzerland.



Powered by a Swiss movement, ETA 2824, the watch is a 3-hander, hours, minutes and seconds and date function. The case has a 44mm diameter with a solid engraved case back. The price shown is with UK VAT, if you are outside of Europe then VAT will be deducted at the checkout.

  • Fully numerated submarine dial
  • The word ‘Schofield’ replaces 9 minute marks on the chapter ring
  • The hour markers in the chapter ring are black anodized appliqués filled with Super-LumiNova C5
  • Date disk reprinted for horizontal readability at 4:30
  • All the parts of the hands and the windows line up when overlapping
  • The second hand tapers towards the tip and the counterpoise
  • The second hand counterpoise is filled with lume
  • The case has a nail rebate for pulling out the crown
  • The crown also has a groove for your nails to grip to pull out
  • The case has a slight radius on the outer edge of the bezel
  • The box is Osmo ash, the queen of English timbers


To learn more and take a look at their bold, innovative designs, head over to:




On The Ball


The Ball Hydrocarbon NEDU initially caught my eye for two reasons. One, it’s a beautifully constructed watch. And two, for many years I was the lead creative director and copywriter on the U.S. Navy’s advertising account.


So when I saw that Ball had a watch named after the Navy Experimental Diving Unit, I was already hooked.


First, the details:



◆ Automatic caliber BALL RR1402-C
◆ Chronometer certified COSC


◆ Patented Helium System
◆ Underwater operable chronograph with accumulated measurement up to 12 hours
◆ 21 micro gas tubes on hour, minute, chronograph second hands, dial and buttons for night reading capability
◆ Hours, minutes, subsidiary seconds, day and date

Shock resistance

◆ 7,500Gs

Water resistance

◆ 600m / 2000ft


◆ 4,800A/m


◆ Titanium
◆ Ø42mm, height 17.3mm
◆ Top ceramic luminous unidirectional rotating bezel
◆ 3.7mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal
◆ Patented crown protection system


◆ Stainless steel and titanium bracelet with patented folding buckle & extension system


◆ Black or Blue


The NEDU arrived in a wonderfully impressive case, complete with a diving buoy.


But the real star of the show immediately made its presence known, and felt. It is a thick, rugged work of startling sophistication.

The black dial is striking, clean and offers hours, minutes, sub seconds, day and date along with a central seconds hand for the chronograph measure and a maximum resolution of 12 hours.


A collection of micro gas tubes deliver startling visibility in restricted light. No matter the hour of night, you will always know exactly what time it is. Comes in handy at a movie theater when you’re stuck watching a romantic comedy and literally counting the minutes.


The stainless steel and titanium bracelet includes Ball’s flawless folding buckle. Not surprisingly, the design of the bracelet allows it to be worn over a diving suit.


After a week of wearing the NEDU, I can say it has inspired many looks and comments, all of them positive, even envious.


As I will be traveling to Tahiti next season, it will be great fun to put the NEDU to the test in those crystal clear waters.


For more information, head over to ballwatch.com



The $17 Million Rolex

Over cocktails at The Grille, I posted the question to a few of my fellow martini aficionados: How much do you think the most expensive watch sold for? And whose was it?

There were all kinds of crazy answers, mostly guessing historical figures. Abraham Lincoln. Winston Churchill.

The answers also grossly underestimated the final price. The collective wisdom of the bar started the guessing at $3 million, and kept nudging their way up to $7 million before I lost my patience and blurted out “$17 million!”

And then, when I told them the watch belonged to Paul Newman, they acted as if they should have been able to guess it.

Of course they should have. A race car driver? Rolex Daytona, anyone?

Newman’s Rolex Daytona was a gift from his wife, the actress Joanne Woodward. There was an engraved message on the back: Drive Carefully. Me. Newman gave the watch to his daughter’s college boyfriend.

Bidding for the watch opened with a $10 million offer over the phone, followed by a 12-minute bidding war at Phillips, where more than 700 people crowded the room, the auction house said in a statement. The winning bid was from an anonymous buyer who phoned in his or her offer.

It made me wonder, what other movie stars’ watches are going to be coming on the market? John Wayne? Clint Eastwood? And will they all be Rolexes?

Let’s hear some guesses in the comments.